Anil Mustafa - Director - Stark Communications Pvt Ltd

Anil Musthafa

Vice Chairman

One of the most recognizable faces in Kerala’s advertising circles, Anil Musthafa has spent a good many years taking in the advertising scene across South India before he joined Stark.

From a very promising copy trainee at Mudra, Cochin to the helmsman of Stark’s Cochin branch, Anil Musthafa has left his share of milestones across the years. Names like Bhima Jewellers, Skyline Builders, Classic Polo, Spices Board, Coconut Development, Paragon Footwear transformed from mere businesses to organic, living, breathing brands in his adept hands.

As Director of the Cochin branch, he currently focuses on building brands like Andhra Pradesh Tourism, Francis Alukkas, etc. He’s also co-founded a creative boutique called Method in the Madness, before he took over Stark Cochin. An avid writer and traveller, he’s always got an interesting story to tell.