The curious case of being Stark

The Start

Led by TK Harshan, Swarup BR and Roy V Mathew, a little team set out on an exciting journey from the city of Trivandrum in 1994. With no office or equipment, they started around a dining table, and in a short while, began to be known for their hands-on approach, trustworthiness and refreshingly effective ideas. In fact, this team would set the tone for Stark’s work over the years.

Inherently Indie

The way in which Stark has worked over the last two decades is what could perhaps be described as an ‘Indie’ approach. At the heart of it, this is about being proudly local and working with a close community of passionate people independent of larger allegiances– people who desire to create meaningful work that expands boundaries–while being truthful to themselves and their clients.

Seeing the Big Picture

Stark firmly believes that brands need a cohesive and comprehensive communication strategy in these times of extensive fragmentation. Thus emerged its spectrum of services ranging from Strategic Planning, Business Consulting, Advertising, Design and Digital to Branded Content. Its impressive client retention record, including some relationships that span over two decades – is proves success of this approach.

Letting the Work Speak

Characteristically, Stark has always stayed under the radar while creating highly visible campaigns for its brands. In over 27 years, the agency has evolved a trademark local-global synergy that helps create strikingly authentic brand ideas. Some of India’s most renowned brands and memorable campaigns testify to this.

A Widening Arc

Today, Stark is present in Trivandrum, Kochi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and New Delhi in India and consistently wins awards for its work involving a host of brands across travel, media, healthcare, technology, IT, retail, FMCG, aviation, real estate, banking, sports, education and infrastructure – both in the public and private sector.

Harshan T K - Chairman & Co-Founder - Stark Communications Pvt Ltd

Harshan TK

Chairman & Co-Founder

Swarup BR | Vice Chairman & Co-Founder | Stark Communications Pvt Ltd

Swarup BR

Vice Chairman & Co-Founder

Roy V M - Director & Co-Founder - Stark Communications Pvt Ltd

Roy VM

Director & Co-Founder

Anil Mustafa - Director - Stark Communications Pvt Ltd

Anil Musthafa