Tete-a-tete: Santhosh

About Santhosh - Stark Communications Pvt Ltd
STARK April 10 2020
For Santhosh, the biking enthusiast, no mountain’s too high and no road is too long. Get to know the cyclist behind the techie of Stark, as he pedals towards a healthy life.

1) When did you start cycling and when did you take it up seriously?

I started cycling quite early. At the age of 12, to be precise.

Since then there has been no looking back. In March 2019, I joined the Cycling Club and this leap helped me improve my cycling skills and took my fitness to new heights. Since then, I have developed better camaraderie, boosted my bike handling, met like-minded people and found new mentors.

2) What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in cycling?

That would be the 600 kilometres road bicycle race. It was pouring the entire time of the race and I completed it in 39 hours. For me, that has been the most challenging race.

3) What is one memorable moment or milestone you’ve covered?

As I mentioned, the 600 kilometres I covered in 39 hours is so far the most memorable milestone.

4) How often do you go out on your bike?

Weekly 4 to 5 days

5) How do you prepare yourself for a cyclothon?

Come rain or shine, I cycle for 30 to 50 kilometres daily.

6) How would you advise someone who hasn’t exercised for a long time, and just wants to get fit?

Someone who wants to get fit must have a strong passion towards it and make up their mind to work out, no matter what comes their way. He/she must possess a determined mind, one which helps them overcome the constant pressure to give up. By making it a part of their daily routine, it becomes quite easy to work towards their fitness goals.

7) Which is your favourite training destination?

That would be Ponmudi.

8) What other sports or cross-training do you do to stay fit?

Badminton, Cricket, Football, Walking, Hiking.

9) What is one milestone you aim to achieve in the near future?

Velo’ a Ooty

10) What’s your advice for someone getting into cycling for the first time?

That would be a long list.

The first step to make riding a habit is to be realistic.

Get a reasonable bike for the type of riding you’re going to be doing, like mountain bike, road bike, etc.

Get it fitted properly so it’s an appropriate size for you.

Get some cycling shorts, ideally bib shorts

Buy and wear a decent helmet.

Be careful when riding on the road. Familiarise yourself with the road traffic law, highway code, etc. and follow them.

Don’t run red lights. Respect other road users and pedestrians.

Join a club. Or find friends who ride. It’s more fun and safer to ride with a group.

Learn some basic maintenance skills like fixing a puncture. Carry a few basic tools, a pump and spares to get you out of trouble.