Swarup BR | Vice Chairman & Co-Founder | Stark Communications Pvt Ltd

Swarup BR

Vice Chairman

With over 25 years in brand building, Swarup BR is the man who nurtured Stark Communications from its formation in 1994 to an agency recognized nationally and internationally for its distinctive creative, work ethic, people-centric growth and an outstanding client retention record.

He seamlessly integrated the roles of Executive Director and Creative Director from day one, and transformed a small group of people around a large dining table into a formidable, hundred-strong team that won  national as well as international awards making Stark the leading agency in South India.

He was instrumental in building the tourism brand – Kerala, God’s Own Country – across the last two decades, actively partnering the brand’s journey from a non-entity to India’s No.1 tourism destination.

Currently on a sabbatical, he claims he is immersed in books, music, movies, friends, family and a book that he has always wanted to write. We suspect he is just catching up on his sleep.